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  Преодоление фармакорезистентности в эпилептологии  

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Отдел неврологии детской больницы "Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital", Рим, Италия с одобрения Комиссии по Европейским делам и Итальянской Кафедрой противодействию эпилепсии (Lega Italiana contro l’Epilessia – LICE) представляют образовательную инициативу "Преодоление фармакорезистентности в эпилептологии", который пройдёт в Тальякоццо, что в окрестностях Рима.

Курс назначен на 3 - 9 мая 2015 года.




Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital – IRCCS, Rome – Italy
With the endorsement of
International League against Epilepsy
Commission on European Affairs/ European Advisory Council
Lega Italiana Contro l’Epilessia

2nd Residential International Course on Drug Resistant Epilepsies
May 3th – 9th, 2015
Tagliacozzo (AQ), Italy




Dear Colleagues,

The Neuroscience Department of Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital – IRCCS, Rome – Italy with the endorsement of the Commission on European Affairs (CEA), and Italian Chapter of ILAE (Lega Italiana contro l’Epilessia – LICE) is presenting the educational initiative – “Drug Resistant Epilepsies – 2nd Residential International Course” that will take place in Tagliacozzo (AQ) in the surroundings of Rome.

The Course is planned from May 3 to 9, 2015.


This course is clinically - oriented, targeted to specialists at the second and third level of epilepsy care and focused on comprehensive aspects of diagnosis and treatment of children and adults with

epilepsy. It also includes the basic sciences in clinical epileptology issues, and comprehensive care of patients with epilepsy.


The faculty consists of leading International epileptologists. The faculty members give lectures and conduct interactive case discussions and/or tutorials on relevant aspects of epileptology. The working groups are supposed to be a relevant part of the course.


Specialists in neurology, psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, paediatric neurology, paediatrics, clinical neurophysiology and psychology are welcome to apply.


The course is limited to a maximum of 36 applicants to allow an optimal level of interaction with the faculty members. Applicants should submit together with the application form, an updated CV, a short abstract with a case report to be discussed during the course, and a recommendation letter signed by his-her head of department or head of research lab.


Registration fee: 1000 Euro + VAT (22%). It includes accommodation in twin room (for whom will request a single bedroom a supplement will be required), meals, social event, full board and access to all the educational activities (lectures, tutorials, case discussions, working groups), return transfer to Rome at scheduled times.


Bursaries will be applied to a limited number of applicants that fulfill the following requirements:

  • Age under 40 years at the time of the Course (3th of May 2015)

  • CV and short case report


For further information and updates, please visit the ILAE web site (section: “Upcoming congresses and meetings”):;


Please send application form, attachments and case reports by February 10, 2015, to


Manuela Morandini:

Federico Vigevano:

Nicola Specchio:


The Organizing Committee:

Federico Vigevano, Nicola Specchio


You are kindly requested to forward this information to the members of your ILAE chapter,

colleagues and other possibly interested persons.


Thank you for kind cooperation.


Federico Vigevano and Nicola Specchio



Day (Sunday 4th of May)


16.00-18.00 Arrival  
18.30-19.30 Welcome and introduction to the course Organizing Commitee and local authorities
20.00 Dinner  

Day 2 (Monday 5th of May)

8.30-9.30 L1 The concept of drug resistant Epilepsy R.Guerini
9.30-10.30 L2 Biological basis of drug resistant Epilepsy G.Avanzini
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break    
11.00-12.30 WG1 P.Tinuper,G.Capovilla,M.Bialer  
13.00-14.30 Lunch    
14.30-15.20 L3 Drug resistant Epilepsy in children S.Zuberi
14.30-15.20 L3 Drug resistant Epilepsy in children S.Zuberi
15.20-16.10 L4 Drug resistant Epilepsy in adults M.Walker
16.10-16.30 Coffee Break    
16.30-18.30 Plenary Case presentation Chair:TBA  
18.30-19.30 Visit of Tagliacozzo English speaking guide  

Day 3 (Tuesday 6th of May)

8.30-9.30 L1 Appropriate AED use M.Bialer
9.30-10.30 L2 New drugs M.Bialer
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break    
11.00-12.30 WG1 M.Bialer,P.Tinuper,G.Capovilla  
13.00-14.30 Lunch    
14.30-15.30 L3 Neonatal drug resistant epilepsies Y.Yamamoto
15.30-16.30 L4 Management of drug resistant Epilepsy in neonates R.Cilio
16.30-17.00 Coffee Break    
17.00-18.00 WG2 G.Capovilla,M.Bialer,P.Tinuper  
18.00-19.30 Plenary Case presentation Chair  
Day 4 (Wednesday 7th of May)
8.15-9.15 L1 The concept of "Epileptic Encephalopathy" F.Vigevano
9.15-10.15 L2 Genetic basis of Epileptic Encephalopathies L.Fusco
10.15-10.45 Coffee Break Chair:  
10.45-11.45 L3 Alternative treatments P.Striano
11.45-13.15 WG1 P.Striano, P.Striano, P.Plouin  
13.15-14.30 Lunch    
14.30-15.30 L4 TBA TBA
15.30   Departure for a private tour - English speaking guide  
Day 5 (Thursday 8th of May)
8.30-9.30 L1 Status Epilepticus in epileptic patients E. Trinka
9.30-10.00 L2 Management of PACS F.Vigevano
10.00-10.30 Coffee Break    
10.30-11.15 L3 Dravet syndrome: up to date R.Nabbout
11.15-12.45 WG1 E.Trinka, P.Pluoin, P.Striano  
13.00-14.30 Lunch    
14.30-15.30 L4 Inflammation and Epilepsy: basic mechanisms A.M.Vezzani
15.30-16.30 L5 Inflammation and Immune-mediated refractory epilepsy R.Nabbout
16.30-17.00 Coffee Break    
17.00-19.00 Plenary Case presentation Chair:TBA  
Day 6 (Friday 9th of May)
8.30-9.30 L1 Indications and prognosis of surgical treatment in children A.Arzimanoglou
9.30-10.30 L2 Indications and prognosis of surgical treatment in adults L.Minotti
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break    
11.00-12.30 WG1 P.Plouin, TBA, E.Trinka  
13.00-14.30 Lunch    
14.30-15.30 L3 Surgical procedures O.Delalande
15.30-16.30 L4 Neuromodulation N.Specchio
16.30-17.00 Coffee Break    
17.00-18.00 WG2 TBA, E.Trinka, TBA  
18.00-19.30 Plenary Case presentation Chair:TBA  
Day 7 (Friday 9th of May)
8.30-9.30 L1 Epilepsy in Metabolic Diseases J.Campistol
9.30-10.30 L2 Tuberous Sclerosis P.Curatolo
  Coffee Break    
11.00-12.30 WG1 TBA, TBA, TBA  
13.00-14.30 Lunch    
  End of course    

Tutors and topics

Capovilla : Differential diagnosis in children

Tinuper : Differential diagnosis in adults

Plouin : Diagnostic value of video-­‐EEG

TBA : Genetic approach toward diagnosis

TBA : Seizure semiology

Bialer : Drug interactions

Trinka : Practical management in adult patients with SE


Tagliacozzo course application form (download)

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