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Статья на английском

On the May 20, 2014 in the Zhambyl Philharmonic, Almaty the Charity concert “Together we can do anything!” took place. The event was initiated by the Public Association “SVS Nevro - Movement of Physicians and Patients Against Serious Nervous System Disorders and Epilepsy”, a member of International Bureau on Epilepsy. The Public Association considers its priority to be the protection of rights of people suffering from epilepsy and those who take care of these patients, as well as providing them with the assistance and supporting the development of epileptology and neurology in Kazakhstan.

To raise the society’s awareness of the problems of people with epilepsy the Public Association has organized a range of events timed with the European Day of Epilepsy. The events included lectures, distribution of information leaflets and brochures, exhibition of children's drawings, and the charity concert.


The Charity Concert attracted interest from more than 900 audiences. In the welcoming speech the Chairman «SVS Nevro» Savinov Sergey and the Patients Fraction CEO Mrs. Shokobaeva Orungul highlighted the importance of such event for epileptology which was timed with the European Epilepsy Day and held for the first time in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The speakers presented the information about the Public Association activities that aimed at improving the life of people with epilepsy. They also expressed a cordially appreciation to the doctors and specialists of the SVS Laboratory for the contribution to the epileptology development in Kazakhstan.

The Concert featured the performance of the Kurmangazy State Academic Orchestra, which is the famous one in the country and whose contribution to the event was absolutely remarkable. The other participants of the concert were the Russkiye Uzory Orchestra of Folk Instruments, the vocal group “Art Vocal”, the dancing group of Miras International School, and the solo-singers of the vocal studio of the school 94.

The Philharmonic’s lobby hosted an exhibition of children drawings and hand-made articles. The exhibition was organized with a great support of the Almaty Education Department which especially for the event managed the children painting action for students from Almaty and the region. The Private Foundation “Meirim” and its Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities also presented the ART works for the event.

The Public Association “SVS Nevro” appreciates the support on this project from City Akimat of Almaty, SVS Laboratory for Epilepsy, Seizure Disorders Study, Kazakh-Russian Medical University and the following companies: LLC “Sanofi Kazakhstan”, Kusum Healthcare, "Sun Pharmaceutical Industries LTD", Hi-Tech Global, LLC “Energy Plus”, LLC “New Building”, LLC “Deri-Farm Kazakhstan”, Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, ABBOT Laboratories CA, and the Foundation “Aman Saulyk”.

We are grateful to the Board of Trustees of “SVS Nevro”, representatives of business, finance and famous citizens of Kazakhstan who actively supported this important event.

Seven state and private editions, various TV and radio channels, such as Khabar, KTK, NTK, and Kazakhstan, covered the event.

The aims of the Charity Concert and other activities organized by the Public Association “SVS Nevro” in line with the European Day of Epilepsy in Kazakhstan were successfully achieved.

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